The 10 Most Common DIY Divorce Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

The 10 Most Common DIY Divorce Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

12 February, 2015 by Andrew J. McCall in Divorce

Who you know who is considering getting divorced? In any event, if you are close enough for them to confide in you, you probably care a great deal about their wellbeing.

Over my fifteen-plus years of experience as a divorce attorney, I have seen several common pitfalls that many divorcing partners tend to make when trying to do it on their own. Usually, they are trying to save money by not hiring attorneys, but these mistakes can have very costly consequences, including emotional turmoil and distress.

Mistakes that do-it-yourself divorcing parties often make tend to fall into the following categories:

1)    Mystery Number.

2)    Secured Debts not awarded with Assets.

3)    Deadlines unclear or omitted.

4)    Wrong Forms or other noncompliance.

5)    Free or Affordable Assistance.

6)    Retirement Benefits.

7)    Unsecured Debts.

8)    Custody.

9)    Mediation.

10)  Spousal Support and/or Child Support.

11)   Complicated Issues.

Each of the above items will be discussed in detail in future Blogs. In the meantime, I represent Family Law litigants in Contra Costa & Solano Counties, so, if you know someone who has been trying to do his/her own divorce and is having problems, have him/her contact me to discuss representation or consultation.